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Книга «Jimmy White’s Snooker Masterclass» на английском языке

Jimmy White - Front CoverНазвание книги: Jimmy White’s Snooker Masterclass
Автор: Джимми Уайт
Языки: Английский (English)

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Описание книги:

Джимми «Вихрь» Уайт будоражил миллионы поклонников снукера свой яркой игрой на протяжении многих лет. В этой книге Джимми расскрывает секреты своего успеха. Книга изобилует тактическими советами, которые помогут понять любому новичку, как играют настоящие профи. На страницах книги Джимми Уайт объясняет многие ситуации с тренерской точки зрения, простым и понятным языком, большей наглядности способствуют более 100 схематических рисунков.
On English:
Jimmy White’s Snooker Masterclass (1988)
Jimmy ‘Whirlwind’ White has thrilled millions with his flamboyant, electrifying performances on the green baize. Now, in this constructive and informative handbook, he unfolds the techniques that have made him a champion.
The snooker tips and tactics shared in these pages by Jimmy help the amateur to understand what every professional has had to learn the hard way. Many of the problems and myths of the game are explained, and all coaching points and examples are amplified by the use of over 100 diagrammatic illustrations, presented in a clear, straightforward style.
How do the top players build breaks that look so easy? How is it that the last few reds are often where they want them? What are the meritsand disadvantages of using cushion and spin? And how do the professionals keep their cool when the pressure is on? Jimmy’s expert advice on these thorny questions will help you to improve your performance at whatever level.
Of particular interest are Jimmy’s revelations about matchplay and the all-important practice routines, over 30 of which are included.
As victor of the 1984 Benson & Hedges Masters, 1986 Mercantile Credit Classic and 1987 Rothmans Grand Prix and Dulux Open, among other leading tournaments, there can be fewer better instructors in modern snooker than the player ranked second only to Steve Davis in the world.
So, if you have grasped the basics of the game and wish to refine your technique, this indispensible manual is for you.

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